March 2017 Newsletter

The Atlanta Woodcarvers Club

March Newsletter 2017

Club Officers for 2017

President- Nelson Cruithirds
Vice President- Theoan LeDoux
Secretary- Gail Holland
Treasurer- Gaines Burnette

Next Meeting: Date- March 14th 2017 Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Tucker Recreation Center, 4898 Lavista Rd. Tucker, Ga. 30084

Look out Leprechauns!
March madness has arrived and we are getting our schedules filled for the year.

Club Business

Most of us have paid our dues for the year, but if you have not be sure to bring your check or cash $20.00 for the year. (No late fees yet)


Jim Hart will not be here Tuesday. We may be able to take orders for wood and have them delivered in October. We will talk more about this at the meeting.

Southeastern Woodworking Show:

The Atlanta Woodcarvers Club is going to need some help from its members this month. We have committed to staff a booth at the Southeastern Woodworking Show. This year it will be held at the Cobb Galleria from March 31 through April 2. Please think about when you can represent us at the show. We will have a sign-up sheet at the meeting Tuesday night.

Leah Goddard Class:

We also have the opportunity to take a class from Leah Goddard in April. Carmen has graciously offered her house as the location for the class but we will need ten students to have the class. We will discuss this and take checks to hold spots in the class at this meeting also.

Dates: 4 day Class April 24=27 (M-Th) Cost $175 + roughout
3 day Class April 25-27 (Tu-Th) Cost $ 140 + roughout

Tip of the Month:

Make room for your tools. ( I am not referring to space on your carving table or in your tool carrier.)

If you take a book and place the binding on a table with the pages up and try to stick a butter knife between the pages you would have trouble unless you first open the pages slightly. You need to do something similar to a piece of wood that you plan to carve. Do not force a knife or gouge into your piece of wood without planning what will happen. You might have run into problems with the heart pendant from January if you tried to force your knife into the wood instead of slicing it. That happens in many situations and is easy to overlook if you get in a hurry.

March Program:

Spoon carving:
This month Gaines will teach spoon carving. Bring your gloves and spoon carving tools.

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