June 2017 Newsletter

Club Officers for 2017
President- Nelson Cruithirds NRC1947@yahoo.com
Vice President- Theoan LeDoux onedixiequilter@aol.com
Secretary- Gail Holland gailholland@bellsouth.net
Treasurer- Gaines Burnette wgburnette@comcast.net

Next Club Meeting: Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Summer starts this month, (on the 21st this year.). Here in the south we can look forward to heat, humidity, and thunderstorms. Each of those can make carving unpleasant if we have to contend with them while carving. Fortunately we can usually remove ourselves from the effects of those conditions and can continue to carve on our projects in the comfort of our homes or you can join us on Thursday at the Tucker Recreation Center!!!

Tip of the month:

If you are using boiled linseed oil, turpentine, or other potentially hazardous materials you should plan ahead. You need to plan not only to have brushes and rags on hand, but also plan for clean up of your brushes and disposal of the rags you use to apply the substances or clean them up.

One method Laura Irish recommends to dispose of those rags is to get an empty coffee container and fill it halfway with water. You can submerge your used rags in the container until you can dry them out and dispose of them permanently.

The following is a quote from Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine after several fires were reported to them. “If you use any oil finishes, take care of your rags properly. Some folks store them in a bucket of water and a grease-cutting dish soap until it’s time to throw them away. Other people flatten the rags and let them dry thoroughly or hang them to dry. This is safe because the rags are spread out so the heat dissipates. Other people put the rags in a fire- proof container or take them outside to a burn barrel immediately after use. Take care of your rags properly.

Upcoming events:

SE Woodcarving School and Competition.

If you are planning to go to this school your time is running out. The dates for the school are July 7th -9th, 2017 in Wetumpka, Ala.

Party Time — AWC Summer Social:

Date: Regular Club Meeting on Tuesday July11th 2017

Our summer ice cream social is fast approaching. We need to make a list of what each of us will bring to the social and how many guest we can anticipate. The sign up sheet will be passed around at the June club Meeting. We will need ice cream, toppings, cookies, plasticware etc.
Be thinking about what you would like to bring.
***Please bring your recent carvings for Show and Tell at the social.

Program for July

Painting your dragonfly which you began carving at the June Meeting. Bring the basic colors of acrylic paint you will need. Also bring your favorite paint brush or a round #5 paint brush is recommended.

Nelson will bring paint to use to make the wings shimmer. We will also have other ideas to complete your projects. This is painting so wear appropriate clothing.

Nelson Cruithirds

AWC President

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