August 2017 Newsletter

Club Officers for 2017
President- Nelson Cruithirds
Vice President- Theoan LeDoux
Secretary- Gail Holland
Treasurer- Gaines Burnette
Next Meeting: Date- August 8th 2017 Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Note: We are back in our regular meeting room for Club meetings and Chippers.
Location:Tucker Recreation Center, 4898 LaVista Rd. Tucker, Ga. 30084

Woodcarvers-I bet we can all agree on this:
“The worst invention for a shop is a flat surface where messes can collect.” —Author unknown

Georgia National Fair
Remember, the Georgia National Fair in Perry is fast approaching. It is time to put the finishing touches on your carvings and fill out your entry forms. Doug has a lot more information for us concerning dates, times, and who is scheduled to represent the club at our artist in residence booth this year.

Ideas From Members
We will be asking for your input at this meeting. What we need is your ideas.
1: For meeting subjects — we will pass out note cards on which we want you to list three topics that you would like to have as subjects for future meetings. If you cannot attend this meeting please send us your suggestions in the form of a email to Gail , me, or Doug.
2: For outside instructors/class ideas — This can be either a class type or a suggestion for an instructor for the club. You can also pass on information about classes about which you have heard. Example: Mary May is going to teach at Highland woodworking on October 7 & 8.

The program for this meeting is: Chip carving. We all use this type of cut so we need to be sure we do it correctly. Ginny has consented to teach the class for this month. We will have some practice wood to carve, but if you have a blank you want to carve on you can bring it. Bring a straight edge, pencil, and a chip carving knife for the class. If you do not have a chip carving knife bring a small knife or your favorite knife. Make sure it is as sharp as you can get it.

Tip of the Month:
Glue– Use Vaseline to keep the tip of your super glue clear. A small amount placed on the tip of the applicator will keep the glue from clogging the port. You just wipe it off before your next use. Be careful when you wipe off the tip. I suggest you use a paper towel or piece of cloth you will dispose of afterwards. You do not want to glue your fingertips together (again for some of us).

Nelson Cruithirds
AWC President



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