April 2017 Newsletter

Club Officers for 2017

President- Nelson Cruithirds NRC1947@yahoo.com
Vice President- Theoan LeDoux onedixiequilter@aol.com
Secretary- Gail Holland gailholland@bellsouth.net
Treasurer- Gaines Burnette wgburnette@comcast.net

Next Meeting: Date- Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Tucker Recreation Center, 4898 Lavista Rd. Tucker, Ga. 30084

POW Recognition Day
Bataan Fell on April 9. That is why April 9 is POW recognition day. There is a saying that
POWs never have a good day. The former POWs I have known almost universally never have a bad one.

I think Woodcarvers are a little like the former POWs in that we never have a “bad” carving. Even the carvings on which we may make errors are not bad because we can always learn from our mistakes.

Southeastern Woodworking Show
Location: Cobb Galleria Date: March 31-April 2, 2017

When we meet this month we will have been to the Woodworking Show. We will want a report from those who attended.

Leah Goddard Class

Do not forget Carmen has volunteered her house for Leah’s class on April 24,25,26,and 27th. Two reminders about that class: First, you need to bring your check for the class if you have not paid already. Second, if you are still thinking about taking the class you may still be able to attend. Check with Carmen at the meeting to see if there are still openings.

Tip of the month:

Know what your tools will do.

What that tip means is to me is know what arc each of your gouges can cut. Remember each gouge other than a flat or number one gouge will cut a full circle. A larger gouge will not necessarily cut a larger circle. Two gouges of the same width will not make the same size circle if they have different sweeps.

It is advisable to take a practice board and see what size arc each of your gouges will make so you can choose the correct one for the pattern you are copying.

Program for April Club Meeting

Möbius carving by Dave

Be sure to bring your tools, your glove and finger guard.


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