September 2016 Newsletter

Atlanta Woodcarvers Club

News and Announcements

Officers 2016:

President, Carmen Sanders

Vice-President, Nelson Cruthirds

Secretary, Gail Holland

Treasurer, Gaines Burnette

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday evening, September 13, 2016

REGULAR HOURS 6:30 until 8:30pm

WHERE: Room #1 Tucker Recreation Center, 4898 LaVista Road, Tucker, GA 30084

SHOW AND TELL share what you are working on!

BE SURE AND WEAR YOUR NAME TAG or pay Gaines a quarter.


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From the Presidents Corner:

Doug McKittrick will be collecting your Georgia National Fair entries AT THIS Sept 13, Tuesday MEETING.

1. Your preregistered entry needs to be boxed with one copy of your preregistered entry form inside box.

2. Attach a second copy of your preregistered entry form to the outside of the box.

If you have multiple boxes, mark item on preregistered entry form as to what is in what box.

Please ask Doug if he needs any help with this project.

____________________________________________________________________________ COMING UP:

SEPTEMBER PROGRAM: The project for September is painting an ornament.  The purpose is to emphasize painting so that our work still looks like wood and not ceramic or plastic.  We will be diluting the paint and painting in layers.

Please bring a pencil and carving knife.  The following will also be used: sand paper some coarse and some fine, a small U gouge 1/8” # 12, micro tool works well for this. Synthetic brushes, several ¼ to ½ in width both round and flat, small bottle for adding drops of water to paint (some of you received these a few years ago in a painting class}.  Bring if you have, if you don’t have, there will be ones you can borrow.

Blank, paint and other supplies will be provided. This is not brain surgery, we will have fun and leave more confident!

OCTOBER PROGRAM: Learning to burn fur on your carved animal – Gina Gipson.  Bring your burning tool.  Our club has one to lend.

NOVEMBER PROGRAM: Double Holiday Elf – Lynn Petkas


REMINDER: The Atlanta Woodcarvers Club meeting: September 13, 2016 – 6:30-8:30pm

WHERE: room #1, Tucker Recreation Center, 4898 LaVista Road, Tucker, GA 30084

See you there, Carmen

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