August Newsletter

Officers 2015:
President, Carmen Sanders (
Vice-President, Nelson Cruthirds (
Secretary, Sherry Warner (
Treasurer, Gaines Burnette (

From the Presidents Corner – August, 2015

If you took pictures at the Ice Cream Social please send them to secretary, Sherry Warner (  We are working on getting them put on the website.

Allen Goodman’s Class is full. August 21-22 to be at Tucker Rec.

I made a mistake last month. I failed to introduce our guests. Carlos Guerrico (from Argentina,) his wife, and children and Bob and Lynn Zenoble.  My hope is they will return so I may introduce them properly.

Thank you everyone for your contribution to show and tell.  Please enter your work in the 2015 Georgia National Fair website:   It’s in Perry, Ga.  A form needs to be filled out. There is no cost to enter.  Send in by Sept. 1, or online preregistration is scheduled to start August 9th. Please contact Doug McKittrick with questions:

If you can, offer YOUR help to Doug on this project.  This is an Atlanta Woodcarvers CLUB participation matter.  Your help is needed.  Thank you!!!

Jim Hart (715 268 8713) with GOOD WOOD ETC (Turtle Lake Wisconsin) is planning on being in town Thursday, September 10, 2015.  Jerry Blake will tell us more. This is a great opportunity to get the wood you want!  If you know what you want and cannot make it Thursday September 10, we will figure out how to get your order for you.  Think Basswood, Butternut, Tupelo, Diamond Willow twisted Sticks, etc.

Our August program is carving a bowl. The floor will be open to everyone that wishes to share their thoughts on bowl carving. BRING YOUR OWN WOOD FOR THIS PROJECT.  It can be small or large; art or functional or both.  If you have extra wood bring it for members that do not.

PLEASE NOTICE THE DISPLAY CASE THAT WAS DONATED BY DAVE CRUMB AS YOU ARRIVE.  Please bring something to be displayed. Dave and helpers will see that your piece is displayed with your name. Thank you sooooooo much. Dave!!!!!!!!!!!

The next meeting will be Tuesday August 11, 2015 from 6:30 until 8:30 P.M. at the Tucker Recreation Center, 4898 LaVista Road, Tucker, GA 30084

See you Tuesday night (life is just a BOWL of cherries!)

Carmen (president)

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